Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Some of the previous events going back to my first cycle event in August 2009:

Cycle: Fielding Festival: 20km August 20/09
Cycle: Hunterville: 43Km October 24/09
Cycle: Rotorua Bike the lake: 42km Nov 8/09 (1hr 42min)
Cycle: Lake Taupo Challenge (team) 40km Nov 28/09 (1:56 second leg)

Run: Old West Road Race:10km Dec 4/09

Cycle: Taranaki Round the mountain (team)(36km) Jan 16/10

Duathlon: Palmerston North Women’s Tri (3km/12km/2km) Finished 6th Feb 27/10

Cycle: Mangatanoika bush cycle 60km Mar 14/10 (2 hours 42min)
Cycle: Rotorua-Taupo Flyer 50km (team) March 27/10

Run: Curves to curves 21.6km run May 16/10