Friday, August 17, 2012

Palmy Half in the Manawatu

It was a wet day, having rained overnight and still drizzling as I set off for the Start/finish line at the Massey campus.

I caught up with Monz before the 101 Class group warmup at 9.20am. There was some light jogging, followed by some drills. Then we had a group photo taken just outside the Sport Manawatu marquee.

Race started at 10am, and we were off. It would rain off and on throughout the course, and by the time I was heading back from the race course through towards the Esplanade, I was well and truly soaked.

My knee held up despite some pain. The last hill up towards the finish line at the final 1km stretch was mean. It was going to be my heartbreak hill, but I battled it and managed to get over it, even managing to sprint the final 150m into the finish chute.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Palmy Half, everyone was awarded a nice bright shiny commemorative medal.

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