Monday, December 6, 2010

Two events in one week

Taupo Cycle Challenge (Nov 27th, 2010)

We did this as a team of 4, with me completing the 4th and final leg. The route was a lot of fun, with a few long downhill. There were the uphill parts too of course. Hatape Hill was a heartbreaker. Because it was so hot, many people got off their bikes to walk it. The temperature on the day soared to 32degrees. I was very tempted to stop as well (several times), but hung in there barely and somehow by a miracle got over it.

The rest of the route into Taupo main center was great, particularly at the finish line.

Our team time was 7:26:12 with my individual time at 1:57:20

Old West Road Race (Dec 3rd 2010)

This 10.6k run is an informal run between Massey and AgResearch staff. It was a hot day on Friday, but managed to finish in 61:53 (unofficial time for now), beating my last year's time of 65:35.

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