Monday, December 13, 2010

Three for three

My third event in 3 weeks was the Wanganui (3 Bridges) half marathon on Saturday (Dec 11th).

I was worried about the heat, but it turned out to be an overcast day with a slight wind. The start finish line was at the Boat Club. Other race options were 5km, 10km, and the full marathon (walk and run). The half marathon was a 2 lap loop around the 3 bridges - Dublin, City/Victoria and Cobham. I took the first lap slow, but started to surge after the first lap. I was feeling pretty good around the 12-14km mark. For the final 2km, I was already moving, so even though it started to hurt, I kept pushing through till the finish.

The plan was to do slightly better than my Taupo time, but it ended up exactly the same - 2 hours 5mins. It felt like a really good run, so I was a little disappointed with the time. But I suppose it's pretty good considering the longest training run I've done since my last half was a 70min run. I need to train smarter, I think. And more speedwork obviously needed.

It started to spit just as I was finishing my first lap, but it never got too heavy until we were all sitting on the grass at the finish waiting for prize giving. It drizzled and I got pretty cold sitting there waiting without a jacket. Turns out I should have just gone home. I think everyone who was there won a spot prize except me :(

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