Saturday, February 5, 2011

Masters Games Duathlon

I got up early this morning (too early!) to prepare for the race and make the 75km drive over to Wanganui. It was a rainy and dreary morning, though when I left it was only raining lightly and I was hopeful that it would be dry over in Wanganui.

There wasn't much traffic on the road that early in the morning, but as I drove towards Wanganui, the clouds became greyer and greyer and it wasn't just raining at some spots, it was pouring cats and dogs.

Fortunately it was only lightly drizzling when I got into town and made my way over to the start point. I was one of the early arrivals. The briefing was supposed to start at 8am, and I wanted to make sure I made it. It turned out I shouldn't have worried about it - the briefing didn't start till 8.45am, 15mins before we were due to start.

I did meet a couple of women from Auckland, though, which was nice. We chatted the time away and made me forget my nerves for a bit!

When we started it was drizzling, so got a bit wet, but it dried up quite quickly. The first 5km run leg headed back towards town with a turn around at Kowhai Park. It was a 2.5km loop which we had to do twice. A part of it was on a soft shellrock track (easier on my knees!) and the other part was on road.

The 30km bike leg was also a double loop, each loop was 15km. It was fairly flat, which was good!

The final 5km run leg was a repeat of the first leg. Getting off the bike and trying to run was tough. The double loop did my head in a bit. And everything was definately hurting. I just tried to keep moving.

Not sure what my time was, but I brought home the gold medal! I haven't won any medals since high school!

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